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3D Printer #5 - Ultimaker 2+

A 3D printer is a machine controlled by the computer (CNC) it has X Y Z axis that move according to your 3D object, this machine will slice your 3D object into layers, and fuse plastic when drawing each layer ontop of the other till it reaches the top! It' a great machine to manufacture prototypes quickly or print out 3D designed parts, it's the most common digital fabrication methods nowadays


  • Dimensions: X-axis 23 cm; Y-axis 22.5 cm, Z-axis 20.5 cm

  • Company: Ultimaker

  • Equipment model: Ultimaker 2+

  • Materials processed: Filament diameter of 2.85mm using the folowing commonly: PLA, ABS and uncommonly: Nylon, PVA, PC, PC, TPU

  • Software: Cura

  • Data formats: stl; obj; thing

  • Computer required: Yes

  • Level of difficulty: Easy

  • Useful internet links:

  • Build plate: Glass plate with BlueTape; removable; not heated

  • Filament price: 1 AED/gram

  • Checkout Kit: 3D Printer Kit available at Front Desk