TechShop Membership Offers

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Day Pass


Provides non-members one day access to the shop


  • If you are bringing a friend as a guest to TechShop for 30 minutes or less, they do not need to acquire a day pass.
  • Memberships cannot be paused, divided, transferred or refunded after purchase.

  • For safety reasons, some classes and equipment have age minimums** and some equipment requires successful completion of a safety and basic use (SBU) class prior to independent use. See more information about our Class Policies and Procedures
  • Day Pass is valid from the time of purchase until 9:00 PM the same day.

  • Unlimited access to TechShop facilities for one day, includes all membership perks for 1 person for 1 day.

  • Memberships are valid only at TechShop Abu Dhabi.
  • Online payment by credit card only (Visa and MasterCard only).

  • Payments by check or cash must be made in person at TechShop Abu Dhabi

  • See the Membership Policies & Procedures for more information. 


**Memberships for minors:

  • Minors under 8 years of age are NOT eligible for a membership, but can attend special events and facility tours under the direct supervision of a parent, legal guardian or authorized adult.

  • Minors 8 to 11 must be on Family Add-on and under the direct supervision of a parent, legal guardian or authorized adult at all times while on-site. They will not be allowed in the wood shop or metal shop at all. Adults must take and pass the SBU (Safety and Basic Use) class for all pieces of equipment on which they will be providing supervision to minors. Adults must pay for their seat when supervision is required (exceptions will be made for adults who have previously taken the class).

  • Minors 12 to 17 can get a regular membership and are allowed everywhere in the shop. Minors 12 to 14 are only allowed in the wood shop and metal shop with supervision from a parent, legal guardian or authorized adult.

  • See more information about Area, Equipment & Class Access on our Minors & Shop Access page. 

  • TechShop Staff are NOT supervisors of minors (exceptions are made in our Youth Programs).


Day Pass
  • Your TechShop badge is issued at Front Desk. Includes VAT.
AED 110.00