TechShop Membership Offers

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Day Pass


Provides non-members one day access to the shop


  • If you are bringing a friend as a guest to TechShop for 30 minutes or less, they do not need to acquire a day pass.
  • Memberships cannot be paused, divided, transferred or refunded after purchase.

  • For safety reasons, some classes and equipment have age minimums and some equipment requires successful completion of a safety and basic use (SBU) class prior to independent use.
  • Day Pass is valid from the time of purchase until 9:00 PM the same day.

  • Unlimited access to TechShop facilities for one day, includes all membership perks for 1 person for 1 day.

  • Memberships are valid only at TechShop Abu Dhabi.
  • Online payment by credit card only (Visa and MasterCard only).

  • Payments by check or cash must be made in person at TechShop Abu Dhabi

See the Membership Policies & Procedures for more information.


Day Pass
  • Your TechShop badge is issued at Front Desk. Includes VAT.
AED 110.00