Design and Build Camp

Design and Build Camp introduces young innovators to the world of making, providing them a chance to bring creations to life using TechShop’s equipment and software: laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutter and heat press and much more!

Projects will be a combination of different equipment and techniques, and the student will complete a variety of small daily projects in addition to a larger final project.



  • None!


Equipment access

  • Students who take and successfully pass this course will be certified to use the Laser Cutters, 3D Printers, Heat Press and Vinyl Cutter at TechShop (refer to TechShop's minor policy for more information)


Age & Supervision requirements

  • Minimum age: 8
  • Maximum age: 15
  • No parental supervision is necessary! Kids will be supervised by TechShop staff!



Closed-toed shoes are mandatory. Open-toe footwear of any kind is not permitted and unfortunately if this is not met, we will not allow access to the facility. 


Total Number of Hours

Sunday to Thursday, 9:30PM to 3:30PM



* Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.

Member Price: AED 1,575.00
Non-Member Price: AED 1,890.00