Class List for our Young Innovators

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see moreSTEAM 102 | STEAM Camp - [Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

Have your kids learn science and apply it to solve practical engineering challenges. Your young innovators will learn how to use state-of-the-art...

see moreSTEAM 111 | Hot Water Steam Boat - [Level 1]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

Water: an element that we can take for granted sometimes, as we use it for drinking, cooking, washing, watering...

see moreSTEAM 113 | Genie Stick - [Level 1]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

The folk toy known as the Genie, is reputed to have roots at least as far back as ancient China...

see moreSTEAM 114 | Phenakistoscope - [Level 1]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

The Phenakistoscope is optical toy, was an early animation device that used the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion.

see moreSTEAM 115 | Pneumatic Lift - [Level 1]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

Humans have invented clever ways to get air to do some heavy lifting! The technical term for this is pneumatics, and in this lesson ...

see moreSTEAM 116 | Electric Circuit - [Level 1]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

We’re all used to plugging in our devices these days and getting our power up to 100%. But where does that electricity come from?

see moreSTEAM 213 | Hot Wire Game - [Level 2]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

Build your very own game and challenge your friends and family to test a steady hand and steady nerves. Players must ...

see moreSTEAM 216 | Bubble Making Engine - [Level 2]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

This class offers the opportunity to experience different materials (wood, metal, plastic ...) and tools (scroll saw, thermocutter, drill press, ...

see moreSTEAM 217 | Seesaw Engine - [Level 2]

Young Innovators - STEAM [STEAM]

A first introduction to the world of thermomechanics! Building a simple, easily understandable and step-by-step thermal seesaw engine ...