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see moreEEE 101 | Level 1 Electronics - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

In this introductory electronics class, you will be exposed to the basic concepts required to understand the design and creation of simple electronic...

see moreEEE 102 | Level 2 Electronics - Soldering and Circuit Assembly - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

Learn common practices used to assemble electronic components. You will learn how to select the right wire for your project, use wire strippers...

see moreEEE 103 | Level 3 Electronics - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

Understand and test your electronics with state of the art measurement equipment available at TechShop. Learn the basics of how to use a...

see moreEEE 205 | Arduino Basic Programming - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

Do you want to bring interactivity and intelligence to your projects? Programming basics for Arduino takes you to an in-depth look at how to...

see moreEEE 303 | PCB Design Part 1 - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

Ever wanted to make your own PCBs? In this class you will learn how to start designing your own Printed Circuit Boards from scratch and...

see moreEEE 304 | PCB Design Part 2 - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

Ever wanted to make your own PCBs? In this class, you will learn how to design the layout of your own Printed Circuit Boards so that you can later own fabricate them...

see moreEEE 315 | Arduino Inputs and Outputs - [B]

Electronics [EEE]

This Arduino Inputs and Outputs class builds on participants' experiences in the earlier Arduino classes and focuses on how to control and to work...