Water world Discoveries - Build a Steam Boat

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Water world Discoveries - Build a Steam Boat


Class Content

Water: an element that we can take for granted sometimes, as we use it for drinking, cooking, washing, watering...but do you know where the water you use actually comes from in the first place? Learn more about this everyday essential for life, from steam to floatation, with hands on experiments including building your own mini boat which we will try out in the test pool.  


Learning Outcome

Why do water striders stand on water?
> Surface Tension: Resistance of liquid to spread and showing cohesion
Why do things float? 
> Archimedes Principle: Fundamental principles of buoyant bodies
What makes the steam boat move?
> Thermodynamics & Matter States: Change of water condition with temperature turning liquid into steam
 Why does it keep moving?
> Siphon Effect: Self re-fuelling engine which pulls water into the engine, heats it up and expels it back into the pool


Age & Supervision requirements

  • Minimum age: 8
  • Maximum age: 15
  • No parental supervision is necessary! Kids will be supervised by TechShop staff!


Closed-toed shoes are mandatory. Open-toe footwear of any kind is not permitted and unfortunately if this is not met, we will not allow access to the facility. 


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